Welcome to Sensational Smiles

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Exceptional service.

A unique one of a kind experience that transforms traditional dentistry.

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Welcome to Sensational Smiles

whole family.

Caring for your

we are passionate about getting our clients healthy.

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for your healthy lifestyle!

Creating Sensational Smiles

Professional teeth whitening services.

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Welcome to Sensational Smiles

for Oral Care!

Chemical free options

Healthy, natural alternatives to regular oral care products.

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A unique one-of-a kind experience that transforms traditional dentistry.
With the expertise and personal care of founder Whitney Sanders, B.A.

Look forward to your next dental hygiene visit!

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London’s First Independent Dental Hygienist

Total body wellness begins with the mouth.  Sensational Smiles specializes in preventative oral healthcare for the whole family. Dental hygienist Whitney Sanders is committed to your wellness and develops personalized solutions for each patient to address your individual oral healthcare needs.

Experience a soothing environment, free from the usual smells, sights and sounds of a dental office.

Sensational Smiles is transforming dental hygiene care and the way you think about your oral health to give you complete, uncompromised individual care that treats you as a whole person, not just a mouth.

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Why Choose Us

Let Us Help You

dentalcleaningPeriodontal Assessment

This assessment is your passport for a healthy mouth. With it we custom design treatments for your own specific journey to healthy living. Learn valuable information that aids in the understanding of gingival diseases, essentially creating ownership and helping you to be responsible for what’s going on in your mouth. This is a key factor in helping achieve a healthy mouth!

We use chemical free products

We use chemical free products in our process and can offer coaching to eliminate the toxic chemicals that are in most oral care products. We have an assortment of products on display that can be purchased locally.  These are healthy, natural alternatives to regular oral care products. We will help you source quality products that are soothing and healing and we can give solutions for issues that are not usually discussed in dental offices.

Holistic Care & Wellness Coaching

Our care is prevention focused and we are not selling dentistry. Sometimes clients are experiencing symptoms that can be remedied with good thorough preventive care, healing soothing products and giving the body time to recover, rest and heal.

We have a great referral network of other holistic practitioners. These professionals can address a variety of needs that may be evident in your health story. We provide beneficial advice, tips and tricks to help coach you towards a lifestyle that sustains health and wellness.

Whitney Sanders

Whitney Sanders, founder of Sensational Smiles, is London’s first independent Dental Hygienist. Her qualifications include a B.A. from University of Western Ontario and a practicing Registered Dental Hygienist, since 1995.

“I pride myself in truly connecting with patients and delivering what it takes to help them achieve their goals,” she says. “I look forward to building new relationships and offering premium quality dental hygiene care from my own clinic.”

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