Transforming Traditional Dentistry

Sensational Smiles Inc. offers a unique one of a kind experience that transforms traditional dentistry.  We are at the leading edge of a revolution in the way that oral care is provided in Ontario. Sensational Smiles is breaking ground and pioneering a system where the dental hygienist and the Dentist work together from different locations, each one performing their own area of expertise under their own direction, mandates and professional rules.

The difference is in the service and personal care provided. My goal is to help you achieve a high degree of oral health. Clients are treated on an individual basis. No assembly line treatment. I pay attention to detail and take the time to answer your questions. You will receive great value for your treatment and care. The focus is to get client needs met and to take the time to address questions and concerns without rushing to meet the next patient.

Educating Clients

I am passionate about empowering people to look after themselves. If I can teach you proper techniques to improve your oral health at home, then less check-ups are needed. This equation depends on your goals and we definitely take them into consideration.

It’s amazing when the light bulb comes on after you show an adult how to brush their teeth effectively. There is a difference in saying, “make sure you brush 2 times a day” and actually showing a client hands- on in their own mouth, with a model and a picture what they are doing wrong and more importantly how to do it right.  People like the service I provide.  I’m not in any rush. I take the time that is needed and I make all the decisions in the process of treatment and scheduling so it’s a win-win situation.

Health & Wellness

Sensational Smiles is transforming dental hygiene care and the way you think about your oral health. We give you complete uncompromised individual care that treats you as a whole person not just a mouth. I am committed to your wellness and will put you at ease and develop personalized solutions for your oral health care needs.

To understand how distinctive, the Sensational Smiles method is you truly have to experience it for yourself. Sensational Smiles is committed to the needs of its patients and consistently goes above and beyond the usual 45 minute formalities. We offer an alternative, soothing environment free from the usual sights, sounds and smells of a dental office. There are no drills, x-rays, amalgam vapours or dentists on the premises. We take extra time and truly deliver client-focused care. We are taking care of people, connecting with our clients and building relationships. We ARE NOT selling dentistry. We are passionate about getting you healthy, both systemically and in your mouth. Sensational Smiles specializes in prevention for total oral health and body wellness for the whole family.

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