Hygienist vs. Dentist

Our process at Sensational Smiles is entirely different than at regular dental offices. Dentists and Hygienists are trained to perform different services. We are pioneering a system where dentists and hygienists work together from different locations, each one performing their own area of expertise under their own direction, mandates and professional rules. The difference is in the service and personal care provided.

Clients are treated on an individual basis. There is no assembly line treatment delivered

I pay attention to detail and take the time to answer questions. Clients are always part of the conversation and client input is important to the wellness process.

We specialize in Premium Quality Care that isn’t focused on TIME. We are not selling dentistry at Sensational Smiles. We are taking care of people, connecting with our clients and we are passionate about getting you healthy – both systemically and in your mouth! Our promise is “taking enough time to get your mouth healthy”, and we deliver.

Custom Approach to Care

Our periodontal assessment is extremely thorough. This assessment is your passport for a healthy mouth. Without it you are not going to get customized treatment that is designed for your own specific journey to health. Our clients often inform us that they have never had such a thorough assessment done before. They learn valuable information that aids in the understanding of gingival diseases, essentially creating ownership and helping clients to be responsible for what’s going on in their own mouths. This is a key factor in helping clients to achieve healthy mouths!

Chemical-free Process

At Sensational Smiles we are passionate about getting our clients healthy. We use chemical free products in our process and can offer coaching for clients to eliminate the toxic chemicals that are in most oral care products. We have an assortment of products on display that can be purchased locally that are healthy, natural alternatives to regular oral care products. We help clients to source quality products that are soothing and healing and we can give solutions for issues that are not usually discussed in dental offices. We do not partner with Crest, Colgate and Listerine like most dental offices.

Holistic Care / Wellness Coaching

Extra time and Conversation are always part of your wellness process at Sensational Smiles. Alternatively, our environment is soothing and free from the usual sights, sounds and smells of the regular dental office. We use aromatherapy, spa music, comforting pillows and blankets to help you relax and be comfortable. We use chemical- free, natural products chairside and have a great selection of chemical-free products for you to see the alternatives to regular pharmaceutical (Crest/Colgate) products.

There are no mercury vapors, x-rays, drills or regular dental office smells. There is no dentist on site so all the features that come with a dentist are not present here. Our care is prevention focused and we are not selling dentistry.

Sometimes clients are experiencing symptoms that can be remedied with good thorough preventive care, healing soothing products and giving the body time to recover, rest and heal.

We have a great referral network of other holistic practitioners that go above and beyond mainstream options to help you achieve health!

Systemic Health Connection

There is a large body of research that links oral plaque to various systemic illnesses. This list includes but does not stop at: heart and stroke disease, respiratory illness, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, pregnancy complications, Alzheimer’s disease, Osteoporosis, Sjogren’s syndrome, and various cancers.

Increasingly the research is finding that bacterial plaque from the mouth is contributing to the systemic inflammation in other parts of the body. The bacteria are travelling from the mouth, through the blood stream to other parts of the body. This is particularly the case when a client’s mouth is full of active Periodontal Disease and Mouth Inflammation. The unbalance of harmful, microbial flora in the mouth needs to be addressed effectively.

If your mouth isn’t healthy how can the rest of your body achieve health and vice-versa?