Our process at Sensational Smiles is entirely different than at regular dental offices. Dentists and Hygienists are trained to perform different services. We are pioneering a system where dentists and hygienists work together from different locations, each one performing their own area of expertise under their own direction, mandates and professional rules. The difference is in the service and personal care provided.

Clients are treated on an individual basis. There is no assembly line treatment delivered

We specialize in Premium Quality Care that isn’t focused on time. We are not selling dentistry at Sensational Smiles. We are taking care of people, connecting with our clients and we are passionate about getting you healthy – both systemically and in your mouth! Our promise is “taking enough time to get your mouth healthy”, and we deliver.

Visiting Sensational Smiles should not compromise your existing relationship with your dentist. We will encourage you to see your dentist once a year for an exam and x-rays to assess for cavities and other tooth related issues. During your visit at Sensational Smiles if any issues of concern are identified we may recommended a visit to your dentist.

If you need a dentist we have many dentists that support us here at Sensational Smiles. When we need them they are available for an exam, x-rays, any restorative treatment, root canals, implants or surgery. During your visit at Sensational Smiles tooth issues that are of concern will be discussed and identified for follow up with a dentist. If you do not have a relationship with a dentist we will gladly refer you to one.

The first time we see you we will do a full mouth assessment. Whitney will review your medical history and discuss any relevant information with you. We will check your head and neck for any abnormalities and do a thorough examination of the hard and soft tissues in your mouth. This exam also includes our Comprehensive Dental Hygiene Assessment.

At Sensational Smiles we go the extra mile. We aim to alter your perception of dental hygiene care and educate you on the importance of continuing care in order to prevent oral disease and maintain a healthy mouth and body. Regular treatment and examination by our dental hygienists can reduce your need to see a dentist and can potentially reduce your risk of serious diseases. We attend to you as a whole person, not just a mouth.

That depends on the time required to deliver your customized care plan. The time required depends on many different factors such as:

  • how long it’s been since our last dental cleaning,
  • your home care habits
  • the state and severity of disease and inflammation in your mouth,
  • your bodies chemical composition and the way you accumulate tartar / calculus
  • and your body’s ability to heal itself and restore a state of balance.

We determine your treatment needs from the initial assessment that is done at your initial/new patient visit. While we strive to deliver thorough optimal care we are also able to break it down into affordable parts when budgeting is necessary. You will always be asked how you want to approach booking appointments and treatment visits.

Ideally if you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in the last 6-9 months, you probably should have them cleaned prior to whitening. However, it is an individual issue and we will inform you of what’s in your best interest. We are happy to provide you this service if it’s needed!


You have probably been told that you need to have crowns or veneers to get rid of the grey/brown staining on your teeth! It’s not the case. Tetracycline stain can be released from the tooth surface. It just takes longer. It can take up to 3 months to get a desired result. I have achieved terrific results with tetracycline stain and am delighted to offer a more cost affordable alternative to crowns and veneers. Call for details!

We will often recommend that clients have dental hygiene treatment on a 3-month interval.

Gum disease is a real issue for many people. It’s estimated that 80% of adults have some form of gingival disease. The usual 6 or 9-month checkup and cleaning is not sufficient to address the needs of a client with periodontal disease. The bacterial matrix that causes inflammation, bleeding, bone loss, bad breath and other systemic conditions needs to be interrupted on a 3-month interval. This treatment protocol helps to interrupt the biofilm that is formed by strains of bacteria in the mouth environment.

Inflammation and bleeding in the mouth is no longer acceptable. Oral bacteria are being found in brain tissue, heart vessels, joints and many other body parts. Your mouth talks to your body and your body talks to your mouth!  Your hygienist helps to flick the cycle of inflammation in your mouth- OFF. This helps prevent active disease and damaging systemic effects to the rest of your body.

By seeing you on a 3-month interval we can maintain healthy levels of bacteria in your mouth better, monitor your home care effectiveness, coach you on what changes can be made and we can stay abreast of damaging results that you may not be aware are even happening. PERIODONTAL DISEASE IS PAINLESS AND SYMPTOMLESS MOST OF THE TIME!

No. We can’t legally take x-rays.  The majority of our clients do not require x-rays, however when necessary we will refer you to your dentist.

As images are almost entirely digital these days, when we refer you to our supporting dentists they send us a copy of your x-rays for our records.

No. A night guard must be prescribed by a dentist when there is an issue with the TMJ joint or pain. This appliance involves the top and bottom teeth coming together correctly for ideal occlusion. For this reason, a night guard must be made at a regular dentist’s office.