Whitney SandersWhitney Sanders, founder of Sensational Smiles, is London’s first independent Dental Hygienist. Her qualifications include a B.A. from University of Western Ontario and a practicing Registered Dental Hygienist, since 1995.

Whitney is meticulous and thorough when it comes to your dental hygiene care. Her approach is gentle and informative, helping you make knowledgeable choices based on your specific needs. In collaboration with patients, Whitney determines individual requirements, suggests applicable treatments, and can refer to other health care providers as needed.

She brings her years of experience working in a dental office to her own innovative method of dental care that is wholly committed to patient wellness, and thorough, personalized assessment.

“I pride myself in truly connecting with patients and delivering what it takes to help them achieve their goals,” she says. “I look forward to building new relationships and offering premium quality dental hygiene care from my own clinic.”

Patients consistently say that with Whitney’s individualized assessment-based care, they not only receive the most thorough oral care they have ever experienced, but they actually look forward to their next visit.

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