Sensational Smiles ClinicYour First Visit

You will be asked to fill out a medical/dental history form and we will discuss any medical issues or contraindications to treatment that may be involved with your health history.

Your initial assessment will involve an examination of the hard and soft tissues of your mouth. We do an oral cancer screening, occlusal/ jaw assessment and document all restorative work present. We do a thorough extra-oral/intra-oral exam and address any concerns you may be experiencing.

Then we do our comprehensive dental hygiene periodontal assessment which provides us with a roadmap of what lies beneath the gum line. From this exam we determine the treatment needed to get your mouth back to optimal health. We discuss our recommendations with you and then deliver the agreed upon treatment. At this visit we reserve enough time to address most client’s needs. Occasionally a client needs to return for follow-up treatment.

After treatment is delivered we spend time reviewing your homecare routine/habits and make any recommendations. We spend a lot of time on this process. What you do daily is often times the most important part of achieving a healthy mouth environment.

We will discuss a recare treatment interval that is designed to best keep the situation in your mouth healthy. Our process is dynamic and this interval can change. We work to find the interval that has you maintaining the situation effectively while not compromising the health of your mouth.

Our initial visit is usually 2 hours. When requested we can do the initial assessment at one visit and complete treatment at a 2nd visit.

Follow-up Maintenance Visits

At subsequent appointments, your exam includes important disease screening but will be less involved. The treatment that you require at these visits will be assessed and discussed with you and can include a thorough recall exam and re-assessment of periodontal status, scaling and polishing. Fluoride and desensitizing are done when indicated.