This examination is our assessment of the soft tissues that support the teeth. During this process we create a roadmap of what lies beneath the gum line. We document the status of the supporting soft tissues, tallying a health score for each individual tooth. With the individual health score, we can diagnose the severity of disease and treatment plan accordingly. This assessment is how we know what lies in the crevices below the gums. Without it we are blind to the disease state in our client’s mouths. We will always inform clients of their disease status (health score) and educate about periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease is a silent, symptomless disease process and has consequences if left unaddressed.

Our periodontal assessment is extremely thorough. This assessment is your passport for a healthy mouth. It allows for customized treatment that is designed for your own specific journey to health. Our clients often inform us that they have never had such a thorough assessment done before. They learn valuable information that aids in the understanding of gingival diseases, essentially creating ownership and helping clients to be responsible for what’s going on in their own mouths. This is a key factor in helping clients to achieve healthy mouths!

All information collected will be used by the dental hygienist to discuss your goals with you and prepare a treatment plan specific to your needs. If required, you will be referred to a dentist or other healthcare provider for further examination.  This assessment can take up to an hour to perform.