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Dental Hygiene Services

We take extra time and truly deliver client-focused care. We are taking care of people, connecting with our clients and building relationships. Our care is prevention focused and we ARE NOT selling dentistry.  At Sensational Smiles we discuss your goals with you and prepare a treatment plan specific to your needs. If required, you will be referred to other healthcare providers.

Coaching you to have a deeper understanding of your own mouth and links to systemic health

We are passionate about empowering people to look after themselves and we love it when you get it!

There is a HUGE difference in saying, “make sure you brush 2 times a day” and actually showing a client, hands-on, proper technique in their own mouth.

You will learn valuable information and we empower you to take action!

Empowering you to take action

Dental education for clients

We custom design treatments

This ensures a sustainable and superior standard of oral care which will keep your mouth and body as healthy as possible.

We design a plan that can give you the best health outcome!

Personalized Treatments

Reviewing your homecare routine

At each treatment visit we spend time reviewing your homecare routine and make recommendations for technique and products that can help. Education along with our supportive preventive care helps to eliminate pathogens that could be causing long term health risks.

If I can teach you effective techniques to improve your oral health at home, then less visits are needed.

Oral Self Care

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided Biofilm Therapy is a revolutionary approach to oral hygiene that focuses on removing dental biofilm, stains, and soft deposits from your teeth and gums.

It feels like a spa treatment

At Sensational Smiles a dental cleaning session is like a wellness experience! It’s a game changer and has nothing in common with traditional techniques.

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Dental Hygiene Assessment

Dental Hygiene Assessment

This examination is an assessment of the soft tissues that support the teeth. We create a roadmap of what lies beneath the gum line, document the status of the supporting tissues and tally a health score for each individual tooth. This assessment is your passport for optimal health. We create a custom plan to minimize the bacteria load and reduce risk for future health decline.

Periodontal Assessment

As part of the dental hygiene process of care, we collect and analyze data to diagnose periodontal conditions, and create customized plans to get clients healthier as fast as possible.

Oral Cancer Screening

Your initial assessment will involve an oral cancer screening. We do a thorough exam and address any concerns you may be experiencing.

Dental Hygiene Services

We customize each dental hygiene visit to your specific needs.

Teeth Cleaning

We remove calculus, bacteria and biofilm from above and below the gumline.

Stain removal

After a thorough scaling, your teeth may be polished to remove any remaining surface stains or biofilm.


Assists in the prevention of cavities, root sensitivities and strengthens weakened tooth structure. 

Chlorhexidine Irrigation

This treatment assists in the reduction of bacteria and is used for pocket disinfection during an oral debridement

Periodontal Treatment

We arrest the process of inflammation and reduce the destruction that can follow. We are essentially working to stabilize the bacterial flora in the mouth to halt disease.

Desensitizing & Remineralizing

If you have an extremely sensitive tooth you may benefit from the application of a desensitizing solution. This liquid will be placed directly on the tooth or teeth affected, blocking the exposed dentin subsequently, preventing pain and sensitivity.

Regular Dental Hygiene Treatment


We take a biofilm sample from your mouth that goes to a lab for analysis. This report maps out 8 of the most harmful pathogens present in the mouth and its custom to you.

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Fresh Breath Treatment

We have a protocol that is effective in reducing bad breath! We incorporate dental hygiene treatment with the right balance of oral supplements and antimicrobial mouth rinsing.

Teeth Whitening  

Pola Night 16% carbamide peroxide whitening gel contains a natural soother and conditioner that inhibits plaque formation and aids in reducing sensitivity. It’s professional grade and is safe and effective for brightening smiles