Custom mouth guards are typically regarded as the most protective and best type of sports mouthpiece and should be a part of every athlete’s sports equipment. If an adult or child is involved in a contact sport like hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball or martial arts, consider having Sensational Smiles make a custom fit sport mouth guard. Impressions are taken of the mouth to ensure a sport guard that is softer, better fitting and more comfortable than store bought mouth guards.

Benefits of a Custom Fit Sport Mouth Guard

  • Fewer oral facial injuries
  • Fewer concussions
  • More likely to stay in proper position when unexpected impact occurs
  • Better breathing ability
  • Better speech ability
  • Better focus for the athlete because they are not distracted by an ill-fitting mouth guard
  • Gums are protected by a custom fit mouth guard that doesn’t rub or abrade the tissue
  • Quality dental material is used to absorb more impact energy

Contact Sensational Smiles to create a custom mouth guard for the athlete in your family.

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