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OraVital Gum Disease Treatment/Therapy

Bleeding Gums Are Never Normal And Should Be Taken Seriously.

Bacteria In Your Mouth Can Cause Oral Infections

Research shows that 75% of the population suffers from some form of periodontal disease.  Dental hygiene cleanings alone will not eliminate harmful, infectious oral bacteria.  If you have other risk factors such as diabetes, heart disease, poor nutrition, taking medications, moderate to high stress, or you are a smoker, these increase the potential for disease to progress quickly. 

Bleeding Gums Are Never Normal And Should Be Taken Seriously.

Gum disease bacteria attack your gums, result­ing in inflammation, bleeding gums, bad breath, and even the loss of teeth. The loss of just one tooth due to periodontal (gum) disease can decrease your life expectancy.

Periodontal and other oral infec­tions have been strongly linked with numerous medical problems, such as:

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Did You Know That Oral Infections Are Easily Transferable?

When you share a kiss or food with your loved ones, you are also sharing your oral bacteria!

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Introducing The OraVital Treatment

The OraVital System fights and controls harmful bacteria, restoring your mouth to a healthy state.

Step 1: Testing

Testing for infection in the mouth is as necessary as the lab tests you have at your doctor’s office.

A simple microbiology test shows the harmful bacteria causing oral infections to your dental hygienist, making accurate diagnosis and predictable, effective treatment possible. Swab samples from your gums, teeth and tongue are sent to OraVital’s oral microbiology lab for thorough analysis. An oral microbiologist provides a comprehensive report with recommendations and a personal­ized treatment plan.

Step 2: Treatment

Based on your detailed lab report, our supporting dentist at OraVital will prescribe an antibiotic rinse and/or cream medication to help control your infection by killing harmful bacteria and yeast. We will then explain the personalized home care regimen designed to be most effective for you. A follow up appointment will be scheduled to measure the changes and assess your improved oral health.

Step 3: Regular Checkups Keep You Healthy

When you come in for your regular hygiene cleaning, it is important for you to be examined for bacterial deposits/biofilm and bleeding as well. If there are signs of infection, we will recommend additional care that could include retesting. This ensures a sustainable and superior standard of oral care which will keep your mouth and body as healthy as possible. Your personalized regimen of home care and recommended hygiene visits will keep your mouth infection-free.

If you believe you may have an oral infection or you see the signs of gum disease, we advise that you don’t put it off any longer. Call us today at 519 318 3486 or book an appointment so we can help you get started on a path to better oral and overall health!