Teeth Cleaning and Preventive Services

dental cleaningReceive a thorough and complete cleaning. Fees are less than the Ontario Dentists fee guide.

You can expect exceptional care and a mouth that feels fabulous.  100% of your chair time is dedicated to dental hygiene treatment. We don’t take x-rays or sell dentistry. We give lots of homecare advice and instruction. We will educate you on what you have been doing correctly and what improvements can be made in your home care habits. When you leave your initial visit at Sensational Smiles you will know our difference.

After our initial care appointment your mouth will be healthy and we will strive to keep you there. We will discuss an appropriate interval between your next appointment that’s designed to keep you in pristine health. The goal is to find the maximum time interval without compromising the health of your mouth. This part of the process is custom. Everyone is different and doesn’t fit into the same cookie cutter.